A masterclass in creating spaces and sparsely populating them. (...) Remarkable stuff, and strikingly original.


A thoughtful and rewarding listen. DMCworld magazine 5/5

Field Day Rituals is one of those works which you just know is going to move you. Prog Magazine

An album which can make others feel flat and empty by comparison. AllAboutJazz.com

Transcendent and uplifting. Sid Smith

Jag förstår inte hur jag skulle kunna klara mig utan Splashgirl. Splashgirl är sanning. Tidningen Kulturen

Arguably their best to date. MusicOHM 4/5

Rethinking approaches to the traditional piano-bass-drums trio. Rock-a-rolla magazine

A haunting collection of brooding and introspective soundscapes. Record Collector 4/5


International press on Pressure (2011): 

Pressure seems set to outclass most other albums in any genre this year. TheJazzMann.com 4.5/5

An instant classic. A masterclass in spatial awareness, dynamics and emotion. Uncut Magazine 4/5

De kracht van Pressure is grotendeels verklaard. Written in Music.com 4/5

Intet mindre än et mästerverk. Tidningen Kulturen

Certainly, nothing quite like it has come out of central Europe or the US. (...) Irresistible. AllAboutJazz.com

A triumphant artistic exercise. Jazzwise

A quietly confident opus by a trio who are rapidly gaining confidence. TheMilkFactory 4.2/5

Ganz schön beeindruckend. Bad Alchemy